Sunday, December 31, 2017

Votes are now closed - Hemp Life Awards

Thank you to all the nominees and winners of our 1st ever Hemp Life Awards! 

Be on the lookout for the 2018 Hemp Life Awards!!! More info coming later this year!!!

2017 Best 420 Fashion Week Artist/Performer Nominees:
Top Shelf Jugg
The Grand Ali
Misfit Yeager
Thom Baum

2017 Favorite Ambassador or Promo Model Nominees:
Ruthless Rabbit
Mi Love
Sara Bazor
Michelle Luvly

2017 Best Dispensary Nominees:
Pakololo (Portland, Oregon)
The Stash Box, LLC (Auburn, Washington)
American Mary (Seattle, Washington)
Have a Heart (Seattle, Washington)
A Greener Today (Seattle, Washington)

2017 Best 420 Place, Lounge or Lodging:
Northwest Cannabis Club (Portland, Oregon)
Nexus Social Lounge (Los Angeles, California)
Aspen Canyon Ranch (Parshall, Colorado)
Colorado Highlife Tours (Denver, Colorado)

2017 Favorite Artist or Band:
Northern Shakedown
When We Met

2017 Favorite Smoking/Rolling Brand:
Rollin' Dirty Rolling Papers
Royal Blunts
The King Brand (Herbal Enhancer)

2017 Favorite Vape Pen Company:
Bee Nails

DaVinci Vaporizer

2017 Best Media Outlet or Website:
Strictly 4 Da Streets
Colossal Life Media
Where's My Weed