Sunday, December 31, 2017

Votes are open - Hemp Life Awards

The Smokers Society and 420 Fashion Week are currently accepting votes for the Hemp Life Awards!  Vote for your favorite artist, band, promo model, etc. below:

Best 420 Fashion Week Artist/Performer Nominees:
Top Shelf Jugg
The Grand Ali
Misfit Yeager
Thom Baum

Favorite Ambassador or Promo Model Nominees:
Ruthless Rabbit
Mi Love
Sara Bazor
Michelle Luvly

Best Dispensary Nominees:
Pakololo (Portland, Oregon)
The Stash Box, LLC (Auburn, Washington)
American Mary (Seattle, Washington)
Have a Heart (Seattle, Washington)
A Greener Today (Seattle, Washington)

Best 420 Place, Lounge or Lodging:
Northwest Cannabis Club (Portland, Oregon)
Nexus Social Lounge (Los Angeles, California)
Aspen Canyon Ranch (Parshall, Colorado)
Colorado Highlife Tours (Denver, Colorado)

Favorite Artist or Band:
Northern Shakedown
When We Met

Favorite Smoking/Rolling Brand:
Rollin' Dirty Rolling Papers
Royal Blunts
The King Brand (Herbal Enhancer)

Favorite Vape Pen Company:
Bee Nails

DaVinci Vaporizer

Best Media Outlet or Website:
Strictly 4 Da Streets
Colossal Life Media
Where's My Weed