The overall goal when it comes to promoting should be to have an effective marketing plan that generates traffic as well as customer engagement.  In other words, setting up a proper CTA (Call to Action) will increase your chances of getting an immediate response by receiving a phone call, website click or store visit and/or a potential consumer contacting you personally to find out more information about your product or service. 

The Smokers Society provides the following services:
  • Magazine Placement
  • Online & Grassroots Promotion
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Brand Visibility
  • Social Media/Fan Page Management
  • Product/Flyer Distribution
  • Product Placement
  • Event Coordination
  • Promo Videos 
  • Mobile Apps

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 Top reasons you should let the Smokers Society help with your marketing & branding needs:

We are passionate about bringing the stoner community together as well as creating platforms for self expression and sharing visions.  By celebrating Hemp Life through musicfashion & culture, the Smokers Society has the network, the foundation and the drive to reach various people & businesses in a fast yet organic way!

The Smokers Society is a weed club.  With various artists, models & business professionals living or supporting the "Hemp Life", the Smokers Society has unlimited opportunities in reaching current or potential members.  What does that mean for you?  Direct contact with your target market.

Weed + Music = Hemp Life!  Who would be more passionate about the Cannabis Industry than a community that was created by (as well as created for) Cannabis Business Professionals?  The Smokers Society will be next big thing next to weed and rolling papers!  

The Smokers Society is part of the Street Thoughts division.  From hiphop forums to magazine features to radio appearances to exclusive interviews and local events, Street Thoughts has been catering to the needs of music & business professionals since 2001.

Online & Mobile Street Team!  The Smokers Society gets the word out by using Grassroots promotion, word of mouth, exposure via 420 friendly & related events as well as keeping in direct contact with the Stoner community.  We understand some of the challenges the Cannabis Industry has to face when it comes to branding or even traditional and online advertising.  With our years of experience and diverse team of talent, we have developed creative marketing strategies that have proven to work by creating an immediate response or a Call to Action.  

And lastly, our team strives for excellence as well as exceeds the expectations of our clients!  Our team also stays updated with the Cannabis advertising laws in order to provide the most fresh & effective marketing strategies.

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