Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rollin Dirty - Real Reviews

I'm not a joint roller but found these papers easy to roll. I smoked one with a crutch and one without. The one with a crutch was rolled by one of the homey's but to me it smoked better. Joints tend to go out at times, like the one I rolled lol but the one that had the crutch smoked nice. It didn't go out and was a pretty consistent smoke.  Overall I can see myself using Rollin' Dirty Rolling Papers more often because I like the idea of it.  100% Pure Hemp papers not only promote more healthier smoking, but it's like rolling weed on top of weed hahaha.  

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written by Tazzy for the Smokers Society

1 comment:

  1. I'm not usually a joint roller, but I like using these Rollin Dirty rolling papers. It's longer than other papers I have seen, and the papers don't burn out as much. I can taste the marijuana more smoking with these. Overall I like the product and will use these papers again on many smoke sessions.