Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stash Jars are Back!

The Smokers Society and Legal Stoner will now be selling a variety of Stash Jars or as some call them "Nug Jugs"!  What is a Stash Jar?  It is a jar (storage container) that you can use to store or "stash" your Cannabis.  This helps keep it fresh as well as controls the odor.  You can also use them to put jewelry in or other small items.

Why our Nug Jugs?  Anybody can keep their stash in a plain container or just keep it in a plastic bag!  Stand out and be original when you represent that "Hemp Life"!  Not only are our jars fun and creative, but they are also good quality and very durable.  To order yours today, please click here or one of the images below.