Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ready for 420 Fashion Week?

Ready for 420 Fashion Week? 

 420 Fashion Week will not be your traditional run-way fashion show type event!  This low-key intimate affair will bring together artists, the stoner community, business professionals and of course fashion for two eventful days.  From a Private Networking Dinner to a Fashion Launch Party to an After Party Bus Hot Box session, 420 Fashion Week will break the barriers when it comes to traditional fashion shows! 
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Want to double the exposure?  Sponsor us by March 18, 2016 and we will give you the same exact promotion at Seattle Hempfest!  So what that means is that for a one time sponsorship of $420, we will not only promote you at 420 Fashion Week, but we will also include your logo on our banner, flyers, business cards & other promotional material during Seattle Hempfest!  We will also give you a full page ad in Hemp Life Magazine (Hempfest issue dropping in August) as well as include your promo in our gift bags & vendor table.      

Are you a Dispensary, Recreational Store or Cannabis Business?  Sponsor us and for a limited time also receive a 1 year membership into the Smokers Society "Business Division" (a $5040 value)!    

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For a limited time you can receive your 2016 Smokers Society Membership for a one time payment of $49.  For more information please scroll towards the bottom of the page!

Membership benefits include but are not limited to:

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*Membership dues will go towards advertising, community events & other necessary expenses.  With enough member participation, we also hope to raise enough money to travel to a city near you!    


What type of package works best for me?  Memberships paid monthly are billed at a low cost ($12 per month; $144 year);  Yearly memberships are the most cost effect ($120 per year averages $10 per month).  And for those that are on a budget and rather pay in small increments, weekly members are available ($4.20 per week). 
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Membership fees are non refundable.  Prefer to receive a monthly invoice/bill?  No problem!  Click here to contact us for more information.  Please note that a $1 administration fee will apply per invoice/bill.  To avoid these fees please sign up for one of our recurring membership packages above.  We also can take major credit or debit cards by phone.  For more information, please contact us at your first opportunity! 

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Interested in attending or participating in 420 Fashion Week?  Local talent as well as individuals from different states will be in attendance to help celebrate "Hemp Life" through fashion, music and culture!  For tickets, please click here or visit  If you are receiving this message you can get tickets for as low as $15.  For details contact us ASAP