Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Smokers Society New Membership Party!

The Smokers Society was created by Smokers to come together (like weed and rolling papers) as well as bring awareness to the benefits of Cannabis!

Through music, fashion & culture, the Stoner Community has a diverse audience of people of all ages & backgrounds. The Smokers Society will help bring together these backgrounds to celebrate hemp life through events, parties, seminars or networking opportunities. By creating platforms for self-expression & sharing visions, the Smokers Society will continue to build worldwide as well as embrace the beauty of smoking!

Interested in joining?  New member/open enrollment will be held March 15th, 2016 in downtown Seattle.  Enjoy free food, magazines, promo material and other merchandise!  We will also have door prizes/ and/or a raffle!  Click here for your free ticket.

Why join the Smokers Society?  Become a member today to enjoy private party invites, discounts on enrollment fees, gear, events, prizes & more.  Sign up at one of our membership parties to instantly receive your official Smokers Society badge, free merchandise, magazine features & more.

Once you've registered, we will contact you to give you the exact location.  You can also "click here" to fill out a contact form.

Are you an artist?  Have your own business?  Bring your flyers, music & business cards for networking opportunities!

This sexy & unique event will be held in one of Seattle's historical underground clubs and will bring a new light to the Legal Stoner brand, underground artists, upcoming models & official stoner gear!  Local talent as well as from out of the area will be in attendance to help celebrate the "Hemp Life" through fashion, music and culture!  For tickets or more information, please visit www.420FashionWeek.com or click here.

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